Get Super Ready for Kindergarten!

Nearly two-thirds of our pre-kindergarten students tested at
Advanced Readiness for kindergarten in 2017.*

Join us for an epic adventure and get your child Super Ready today!

Our promise is to provide you peace of mind by giving your children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. To make sure we’re delivering on that promise, we tested pre-kindergarten students at 155 Cadence Education® preschools to see if they were ready for kindergarten. We’re very proud to report that:

  • 90% of full-time pre-kindergarten students with over a year in a Cadence Education® program tested as being ready for kindergarten.
  • Nearly two-thirds tested at an advanced readiness level.
  • Students who were enrolled for more than one year had a higher readiness percentage.
  • For each additional year of enrollment, the readiness percentage increases even more.

Our proprietary curriculum and dedicated teachers work hand-in-hand to create unique and powerful learning experiences for each child in our care. These experiences start in our Village One and Village Two classrooms and progress until it’s time to move up to kindergarten. Important skills are taught at every age level and fine-tuned just before kindergarten in Kindergarten Club.

*The 2017 research study tested 2,193 full-time pre-kindergarten students who had been in a Cadence Education program for over a year. A total of 1,966 (89.6%) tested at Kindergarten Readiness and 1,391 (63.4%) tested at Advanced Readiness. Results vary by school.