Village One

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Village One

Age Range:
6 weeks – 1½ years old
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Stimulation

Motor Skills Development

Young children are very capable learners. More learning and growth takes place during the first 3 years of life than at any other period. Each experience of the child’s daily routine helps to promote learning and development. As teachers diaper and feed children, they sing and talk to encourage language development, and staff and children read books together daily on an informal basis. We build on these positive experiences with the children and they learn to trust and love – the very core of human development.

Teachers prepare the classroom with age-appropriate toys and activities to encourage children to develop large and small motor and hand-eye skills. Children are given the opportunity to explore basic art medium that promotes development in creative expression. Daily opportunities are offered for the children to play outside, allowing for additional large motor development.