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School Address

8100 Industrial Village Rd
Greensboro, NC 27409


Monday - Friday
7:00am - 6:00pm


6 weeks to 12 years

Programs Available

Village One, Village Two, Village Three

Village Kids Child Care
in Greensboro, NC


Greetings! Welcome to Village Kids Early Education Center in Greensboro, NC!

We are proud to be able to provide premier childhood education. Our highly educated team of teachers are skilled and trained to provide top quality early childhood education to young children. We focus on developmentally appropriate practices that will allow your child to enter kindergarten feeling confident and prepared. We offer care and programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age.

Nutritious am & pm snacks and lunch are prepared by our cook and provided at no additional cost.

Our amazing 20,000 square foot pre-school features 16 custom designed classrooms where children have ample space for learning centers, yet still have warm atmosphere that feels like home. We also have a fully equipped afterschool classroom where children have a quite area designed for homework and large activity areas for all components of play, learning and socializing.

Our program uses Kaleidoscope as our main curriculum and it is enhanced by several other programs such as Zoo Phonics, Hand Writing without Tears, Kindness Curriculum, Baby Signs, Growing up Wild and more. We believe that play is very important for a child’s development. Through play, children master a series of development, and each child must be ready for the next steps that are necessary for later success in school.  These steps follow a sequence that is needed for intellectual and emotional development, and each child must be ready for the next step in the learning process for it to be meaningful.

Learning is not just repeating or memorizing numbers, letters, and rhymes. From infancy when children learn about their world using their sense of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, they are building the foundation necessary for academic learning. And as they grow, play helps children to construct ideas, learn to think creatively, explore, experiment, and solve problems.

Our goal is to promote learning activities that will prepare our child for kindergarten. Much research has shown us that children need to play with real objects and events before they lean the meaning of symbols, such as letters and numbers. Learning is most effective when it develops naturally through hands on experience, play, and literacy based activities-the basis of our successful program.

We have invited specific providers in our community to offer enrichment activities at Village Kids. Although many of these activities are already being explored in the classroom, this is a great way to have extra focus if your child has special interest in a program being offered. Providing these programs at the center keeps your family from transporting to extracurricular activities in the evening after work which allows you more quality family time together.  Some of the enrichments that we are offer are: Tumble with Care, Spanish, Extravadance, Computer Explorers, Little Hooper’s, Kinder Kixx Soccer, Musicare and Jump Bunch.

Our summer camp program is geared for our children 2-5 years old. It offers weekly themed activities all summer long.  We do not go on field trips so we have many things brought into our center. Such as, Mad Science, Butterfly Farm, Nature Science Center, Dare to Dream (story teller) and so much more. This summer our theme is “Exploding with Science”.

Our newly introduced after-school program will follow a guided summer program and curriculum that will include off site field trip to enhance hands learning experiences.

Village Kids Early Education Center is located at the Sandy Ridge Road exit, off I-40 the airport exit.

We would enjoy meeting you and your family. We are a true child-centered environment, where adults listen, guide, love and help children. Please stop in, or call to arrange a visit.


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Greensboro, NC